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Ellen Harvelle
08 January 2010 @ 09:05 am
You've got Ellen's voice mail, leave your message at the tone. If this is Ash, I'm not getting an email address so stop complaining. If this is Jo, tell me what, who with, and how long you plan on being out. If this is Gordon, you'd best be running before I find out where you are.

Ellen Harvelle
22 August 2007 @ 10:34 am
Ellen had nothing better to do than relax with the windows open, drinking sweet tea and watching soaps polishing her guns. Still thinking about that puppy; it'd be awfully nice to have some kind of companionship.

...Or maybe she should wrangle Benton into another date. Screw getting a puppy.

[OOC: Open, but specifically for wannabehunter]
Ellen Harvelle
15 June 2007 @ 02:09 pm
Ellen was still fretting a bit over the other message she'd received the other day when she got the first strange one.

She poured herself some lemonade from the fridge as she returned Emma's call, and then sat down to enjoy it as she returned one from a boy she didn't recognize, one she unfortunately did, one that was kind of intriguing, and one that was quite a pleasant surprise.

...What a weird day. Not that she minded; sometimes it was really nice to know you were wanted.

[OOC: To be updated!]
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Ellen Harvelle
Ellen got the kids rounded up at the park and herded them back to her apartment for food and rest. She broke out all the pasta she had for an easy meal, shared all her cookies for dessert, and then dug out every single blanket and throw and pillow she owned. The little ones settled down for naptime, the older ones got TV for a little while.

Locking herself in her bedroom for a moment, Ellen thought about the call she'd made earlier, then made a second call and, after a long moment of staring at the phone, she made a third call.

Finally, she sighed, the sound turning into a snicker, which then became soft laughter.

After a moment she was sobbing into her sleeve to muffle the sound, aware that hysterical crying was no way to not frighten hapless children. They, at least, did not deserve that.

Five minutes later, she was able to get up and wash her face, leaving the bathroom quickly to make sure everyone was doing okay by the TV.

[OOC: It always said evening, shh.]
Ellen Harvelle
19 February 2007 @ 09:22 am
Ellen tried very hard to smother herself with a pillow upon waking up - what else could she do after a weekend where she'd not only acted like a six year old (never mind that she had been, in fact, six years old), but kissed some boy, gone to her job, and sobbed herself to exhaustion in front of Jo and Sam.

...Okay, that crying bit had been sort of genius, but only because Jo had obviously felt guilty and Ellen had been able to meet Chris.

The next thought, as she finally got up to shower and dress, was that she'd been not acting her age for a lot longer than a weekend - flirting with Greek gods? Or anyone else for that matter? She was gonna have to think real hard about what she was doing here, if she managed to show her face again at all.

[OOC: Open to anyone calling on her or whatever.]
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Ellen Harvelle
17 February 2007 @ 12:13 pm
Ellie woke up, got out of bed and washed her face, 'cause that's what you did when you were grow'd up. She walked around the apartment for a little while, but it was kinna boring, so she made a phonecall.Collapse )

She hung up the phone and pulled on her shoes before running outside. There hadda be someone around to feed her, right?

[ooc: establishy mostly, though if anyone in the building wants to talk to her, they're welcome]
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Ellen Harvelle
15 January 2007 @ 07:34 pm
It was 10 o'clock. Ellen had asked Ash an hour ago what time it'd be in Virginia and, despite the answer of "late on a school night", she was eyeing the phone as though it might ring any moment.

For her sake, it better, she thought, wiping down the top of the bar like it had personally offended her.

Fifteen minutes later, she was dialing Jo's number and hoping to God her daughter would be the one to answer it.

[OOC: Locked to wannabehunter.]
Ellen Harvelle
25 December 2006 @ 06:27 am
Player Name: Jyuu/Kry(lec)

Player Age: 24

Contact Email: jyuuchan@yahoo.com

AIM (if you have it): Krylec or krycek rat

Other Characters Played At Fandom High: Alex Krycek, Alec and Logan Cale

Character Name: Ellen Harvelle

Potential Character LJ Handle: roadhousequeen

Fandom: Supernatural

Age: Late 30s

Career: Tavern owner, single mother.

If you are an EMPLOYEE: list your character’s skills and/or what sort of job you can see them applying for. Ellen would be best suited for a job at Caritas, since she can't have her own bar.

Appearance: Ellen's a good-looking, middle-aged woman with somewhat careworn features, about 5'6", in good shape, with just-below-shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She typically wears jeans, layered shirts, and boots.

General Background:
This section should detail your character's personality traits, how they differ from the canonical character (please stick as close to your canon as possible), where in the series you are pulling them from and how they came to be in Fandom.

Ellen Harvelle is a no-nonsense single mother who owns and runs a tavern (Harvelle's Roadhouse) in the middle of rural Nebraska. She's a good lady, maternal and caring, but strong-willed and not big on anyone giving her lip or messing with the people she cares about.

Her daughter, Jo Harvelle, is her only child from her marriage to William Harvelle - a Hunter who was killed on the job, apparently due to John Winchester's carelessness (the exact details have not yet been covered in canon). She harbors a deep resentment towards John and is very frightened by the idea of Jo following in her father's footsteps, frequently butting heads with her equally stubborn daughter over Ellen's seemingly over-protective behavior.

Ellen sent Jo to Fandom High to get her away from the Roadhouse, where Jo was learning entirely too much from the Hunters that used the tavern as a waystation and center for trading information. When she learned that she'd basically sent her daughter to a place where she could take a class on Hunting from John Winchester himself? she packed her bags and headed out to make sure Jo would be grounded in her dorm room 'till the end of time (rather than just drag Jo home, since Jo actually seemed to like her new school).

I'd be taking Ellen from before the series begins, from the same universe as the other Supernatural characters currently in Fandom, with permission from the other players.

Links to character/series information:
Series: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supernatural_%28TV_series%29
Character: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellen_Harvelle

Problem Solving: There’s tension with another player that seems to go beyond what is happening IC. How do you try to handle this and keep things from getting out of hand?

I'd throw a fit, write emails to everyone tangentially involved in the problem, delete my journal and then crawl back to whine about how unfairly I've been treated.

Writing Sample: Please write at least two paragraphs *in character* having your character do something, anything, in Fandom. (min. 400 words)

Ellen wiped down the bar with a rag, rather enjoying the moment of quiet after the fiasco earlier - not that she expected it to be the last, or even the worst; Fandom seemed to have its share of weird, and everyone knowing about it just seemed compound it, really.

So when the zombie band had decided to stage a revolt, Ellen couldn't blame a one of them for taking GOB prisoner in the back room, never mind kind of wanting to thank them for getting the man out of her hair for a few hours. Tino had fielded the negotiations for whatever it was the zombies wanted, which was just as well since Ellen was more of a mind to salt and burn, maybe give those kids up at the school a regular gig if they were still interested. Anything other than having to collect noses and ears off the floor to tape them back on, or having to listen to the tuneless wailing of the undead when they got it in their heads to start singing.

They did have a good sound to their playing though, Ellen had to admit. Better than she'd've figured, given how some of them were missing fingers.

A kid slid onto a bar stool while she was ruminating (and she still wasn't quite used to serving kids she'd be kicking out on their asses back home, no matter how good their fake ID were) and Ellen smiled at him, dropping the rag behind the bar. "What can I get you?"

"Just a beer, thanks," he said, smiling in return.

She grabbed a mug and filled it, giving the kid a once over (friendly, kind of hefty - burly even) before she slid it across the bar. "Having a good night?"

He winced slightly, shrugging as he looked down into the amber depths of his mug. "Mostly," he said slowly, before glancing at her curiously. "Actually, I was going to say you look familiar... You wouldn't happen to be a doctor when you're not tending bar, would you?"

Ellen laughed. "Sweetie, if I had a doctorate in anything, I wouldn't be here herding zombies. Now you get back to your girlfriend before she wonders why you're chatting me up," she told him, nodding to the red-head watching them curiously from a table by the empty stage.

The boy grinned at her, shrugging again. "Couldn't hurt to ask."

Ellen picked up the rag as he left, shaking her head in bemusement. A doctor? She had her hands full enough with Jo and now this place, thank you very much.

[OOC: To give context, Ellen's actress played a doctor in a couple early episodes of SG-1. And now you know!]